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Yaoi-Con Chat

THE Place to Talk Yaoi-Con

Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated
This is the LiveJournal Community set up to allow all users to post requests for roommates, carpool as well as any items of interest to the Yaoi-Con community.

Please keep the off-topicness to a minimum.

The Yaoi-Con Webmistresses (that's April and Tracy) as well as Yaoi-Con Executive Staff reserve the right to ban any users who abuse posting privileges .

This community will only allow posting by registered LiveJournal users.

Adults only, please. If you are not yet of legal age in your country, please do not join this community.

Want to stay aprised of the skinny on Yaoi-Con but don't want to join this community? Join yaoicon instead - it's the Official Yaoi-Con Update Journal.

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