Titania (summer_queen) wrote in yaoicon_chat,

Future of the Y-Con LJ accounts

Given the instability of Livejournal, and the dwindling userbase, going forward, Yaoi-Con will no longer be announcing updates here. We ask that you check the Web site, our Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

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That is too bad. I don't have a facebook or twitter account.
Do you know when the website will go live with the hotel and guest information? With airfares going up, it would be nice for people who need to fly in to be able to book their flights before the fares go up even more. Thanks!
All I know is "very soon." FYI, I'm no longer handling PR for the con -- that's all with DMP now, so I don't have all the info I usually would.
Okay, thanks!!!