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Marriott Room Reservation Available for Transfer

Room claimed!  :)

Confirmed reservation at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront  (at the convention rate) available for transfer on a first come/first served basis.

DETAILS (which you can change to suit your specific needs once you take over the reservation):

CHECK IN - Wednesday, October 19
CHECK OUT - Tuesday, October 25
BED TYPE: King or 2 Doubles (requested Doubles)
ROOM RATE: $109.00/night

If you wanted to be in the con hotel but didn't get a room before everything sold out, there's still time to get out of a reservation at
other hotels and grab this one.  If you're still looking for shared space in the con hotel, get together with others in a similar situation
and adopt this lonely little room as your very own.

This reservation will be canceled (the room will not be returned to the Y-con room block or available at con rate) if there are no takers by 11:59 PM Eastern, Monday, October 17.

Also cross posted to the Y-con web site Forums.  Reply here or PM me if interested.
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