Artemis (crsg) wrote in yaoicon_chat,

Yaoi-Con attendance question

I hope nobody minds me posting this (but mods, please delete if you feel it isn't appropriate). Does anyone know the rough number of attendees for each year at Yaoi-Con since it started in 2001? I'm currently writing a conference paper about yaoi and the rise in yaoi fans/awareness, hence why I'm after this particular info.

I believe Wikipedia used to list the numbers, but it doesn't any more, and after trawling the internet for a couple of hours, I can only come up with a couple of possible yearly attendance estimates. I know that most people put 2001 at 350 people, and in 2006 and 2008, I've heard there were around 1500 people. I'm now attempting to fill in the gaps, so I'd be extremely grateful if anyone here could provide me with some more figures.
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